Thursday, April 11, 2013


The first Cameron Dieppe film was always the best of the bunch, wasn't it? The premise - a man who discovers that his job was a cover for espionage that he was unaware he was committing in the course of his innocent ambassadorial travels - was only barely plausible for one roller-coaster of a movie.  Of course it couldn't work for a second film, let alone a third... or a fourth!  And yet in the inscruitable plot-logic of Hollywood, a franchise was born.

One part Bourne Identity, one part North by Northwest, the original transcends its potentially silly inciting circumstances and has us forgiving the film for those stretches of credibility, largely on the strength of some of the most thrilling suspense sequences of the early millennium. 

                 The line is long. Travellers are weary. Many sit on
                 their carry-ons, or lean against stanchions. It is
                 sweaty and no-one's idea of a good time.
                 Cam drags himself to the end of the line-up, looking
                 anxiously over his shoulder. He searches down the
                 length of the line-up. Not good.
                 Security has a traveller's suitcase wide open, they are
                 shaking out his shoes. Really not good.
                 Cam's searching gaze lands on the Express Line... Only
                 one person waiting.
                 With one last look over his shoulder he steps out of
                 the main line, shuffles to a garbage can and empties a
                 few gum wrappers from his pocket. At the same time,
                 with a single firm shake he drops a pistol out of his
                 jacket into the bin.
                 He steps up to the Express Line, pulling a ticket from
                 his coat. He taps the only person in line on the
                           I'm sorry, my flight is leaving
                           No worries, mate, I got no rush.
                           Flying V.I.P.
                 Cam steps up to security and hands over his ticket. The
                 guard looks at it, then back at Cam dubiously.
                                         CAM (CONT'D)
                           I'm never going to get through
                           that line in time...
                 The guard checks his watch, and the departures board
                 and shrugs.
                           Any luggage?
                           Just what I'm wearing.
                           Step through.
                 Cam goes through the gate.
                                         SECOND GUARD
                           Any metallic?
                 Cam sucks in a breath and winces as he takes off his
                 belt.  He tosses a handful of change into the tray.
                                         SECOND GUARD (CONT'D)
                 Cam walks back around the security gate. As he does he
                 notices some men at the other end of the Airport hall
                 looking about urgently.
                 Cam lowers his head and goes through the gate again.
                 Cam winces.
                                         SECOND GUARD (CONT'D)
                           Arms out, please.
                 Cam gingerly lifts them to shoulder height.
                 Surreptitiously stealing a glance down the hall - the
                 men are getting closer. The guard pats Cam down. Cam's
                 eyes are watering with stress.
                 The guard waves the metal detector wand over Cam's
                 upper body.
                 As it passes over the side of his upper waist - 
                                         SECOND GUARD (CONT'D)
                           Is there anything else in your
                           pocket, Sir?
                 Cam turns his pockets inside out - nothing.
                 He glances up as one of the men coming down the hall
                 turns his way - eye contact. The man beckons his
                 compatriots. Cam turns away.
                                         SECOND GUARD (CONT'D)
                           Take off your jacket please,
                 Cam considers the corridor with a sign indicating gates
                 The Second Guard unsnaps his sidearm emphatically.
                                         SECOND GUARD (CONT'D)
                           Please take your jacket off,
                 Cam opens his jacket...
                 His shirt at the side of his abdomen is soaked with
                                         SECOND GUARD (CONT'D)
                           Jeee-zuz! Bradley, I need your
                 A gun goes off, the Second Guard has a momentary
                 stunned look before dropping to the ground, a bloody
                 hole in his temple.
                 In that moment, Cam grabs the guard's un-clasped
                 sidearm from its holster.
                 Ducking and turning, he runs limping for the corridor
                 as the crowd panics and scatters, interfering with his

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